Having total control of your domains is something quite crucial and to be able to access and edit the DNS records for each of them is one of the things you should look for when you search for a registration or a cloud website hosting provider. Perhaps you have heard of the so-called “name servers” that show where a domain address is hosted, but below them there's a whole list of records, like the A record, which is the IP address of the server hosting the site, and the MX records, which show the server that handles the e-mails for a certain domain. These records are used if you want to have your website with one service provider and the e-mails with another, as an illustration. Additionally you can use a domain for a non-website service or forward the traffic to it using special records. Some companies ask for an extra payment to provide access to edit specific DNS records besides the name servers.

Full DNS Management in Cloud Website Hosting

The user-friendly Hepsia hosting CP, which comes with every Linux cloud website hosting that we offer, provides you with complete access to all domain addresses that are hosted within the account. With only a couple of clicks you'll be able to see the DNS records for every domain you host or subdomain which you set up. You may also create or edit any sort of record that you would like, based on what you need to do - A, AAAA, MX, TXT, SRV, CNAME, and so forth. This will enable you to define an email server, direct a domain to a VOIP or online game server provided by another company, create forwarding, and so forth. You may also register private name servers for any domain that you've purchased through us and use them instead of our standard ones not just for this domain name, but also for any other domain that will be hosted in the same account. The full DNS management service is offered free of charge.

Full DNS Management in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you purchase a semi-dedicated server through our company, we will provide you with total control over all DNS records of any domain address or subdomain in your web hosting account. The DNS Records tool of our in-house built Hepsia Control Panel is simple and intuitive enough to be used even by people without any experience, plus it provides a comprehensive help section that features not only articles, but also in-depth video tutorials. With a few clicks you can see all existing records and you can set up new ones just as easily. This will allow you to use different services with different companies for a given domain as you can have separate A (web server) and MX (email server) records. You'll also be able to create AAAA, SRV, TXT and CNAME records to forward your domain or use it for a certain non-website service such as VOIP, online game server host, and so forth. If you wish, you may even create private name servers for any of the domain names registered through our company absolutely free.